Sunday, January 8, 2017

Diablerie : " The Catalyst vol. 1: Control"

This album starts off pretty interesting almost like a black metal version of Strapping Young Lad and then a couple of songs in the Slayer influence flairs up and speed seems to get the best of them. They eventually decide to check back into the more industrial side of what they do which is a wise move as this helps "Wear My Crown" rise above the over played metal muck. It could be argued that this is derivative of what Fear Factory has already done and that would not be untrue however there is enough of the blend of extreme metal these guys are about to make it relevant in 2017. There is more heading banging here than throwing down on the dance floor and I think that is there intention at times it reminds me a little of my old homeboys Daath I used to play with in how the electronic elements are well blended with the more metallic assault. The thrashing speed comes back with a blind fury after they have already shown a more creative side so I am not as impressed with this temper tantrum like outburst. The electronics come in to save the day a couple minutes in.

They do have a straight up ebm styled interlude midway into the album. "Gray" might dip back into the more mainstream metal sounds of the 90s again, but it is solidly written with a refreshing sense of melody that works and finds the band at the height of their prowess proving brutality is not always the most virtuous trait. This is proved again with "Osiris" which is ten times the song of the more driving death metal that precedes it which when compared to this song comes up a little flat. The vocals on this one are more sung though heavily processed it's still pretty effective. They end this album with some electronic atmosphere which is well done and has some musical merits, but feels like more of an indulgent outro until they crash back into it in more of  a Strapping Young Lad fashion.

This album is really well done even with some of the more Slayer like songs that kind of numbed me out the songs where industrial meets extreme metal in a manner that makes sense and does justic to the other genre are where this band is the strongest. I'll give this album an 8 though I am unsure if I will really get that many more listens out of it , I have enjoyed the time already spent with it.

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