Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bestial Raids : "Master Satan's Witchery"

Blown out speakers and trash can drums fuel this savage metal assault . These guys feel more like a death metal band to me than black metal. They are at their beast when remembering songs need things to make them memorable and it is not all about the deafening roar. They have forgotten this dire warning by the get to the blur of overdrive and blast beats that is "All Sins Abode". on can be very muddy in many places , but this album does have a density that makes its pretty fucking heavy. Though the question can be begged after your ears have been beaten numb at certain points well what else can you do. The guttural vocals are well layered and agonized, though generally feel more like death metal growls rather than having the kind of passion behind them that I associate with black metal.

Despite this album's crude to the point of being almost primitive production, I will round this up to a 7 for being some savage as hell death metal. If you are a fan of the band they are giving you more of the same and placing the same value on their feral nature. It is hard to say if this is a maturation as their is something inherently adolescent about the kind of middle finger this album shoots conventional music, metal or otherwise and shows aside from the pentagrams there is more in common with punk than this bands fans might care to admit.

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