Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Emptiness : " For Music"

Wow! these guys are so different from anything out there the newness is easy to get immersed in. To the point the first song just sounded awesome because it didn't sound like anything in recent memory so it won me over without me ever stopping to ask is this song good. There is more groove to "It Might Be". Twiggy Ramirez produced this and I am not sure why Marilyn Manson hasn't been letting him handled everything , as this album sounds fucking incredible. By the second song the vocals are the only thing I am skeptical of as there spoken growl is very evil sounding , but makes thing marginally one dimensional, though the rest of the music coming at you washes you away with it.The beautiful gloom continues to unfold on "Circle Girl" though there is a more disjointed chaos here. The guitars continue to sound great and simmer with the atmosphere.It floats off into something more sonic-ally and emotionally heavy, damn it is crazy. I find myself being very interested in where the next song is going to go. There is a more spoken quality to the vocals of of "Your Skin Won't Hide You". There are more melodic elements even with the vocals staying in a static place. They straddle a few genre lines with elements of doom, shoe-gaze and post-punk all being crossed at the same time. The first song that drones along with out grabbing me as urgently is "Digging the Sky". I almost laughed at the happier shift into electronics they took on "Ever" that takes them into almost Depeche Mode's zip code. There are some interesting sounds layered here and they prove you can experiment with out sacrificing the song. It is shocking that is coming from a band with to members of Enthroned. Aside from that there is no black metal elements. They close with their most metal moment, but I am not sure that it is any heavier than what they have already poured through your speakers. In fact I am less impressed by the more conventional metal guitar riffs. It does give the drummer to cut loose into the first thing I would think of as black metal. I like the more electronic groove at the 4:30 mark. I'll round this one up to a 9.5 and ponder how much I would listen to something like this in my iPod it is very dark and good for candlelight rainy nights on lots of drugs.

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