Friday, April 16, 2021

the Armed ; "ULTRAPOP"


These guys caught my attention with an absurd music video that just happened to also rock . The title tracks is more of an atmospheric intro than a song, they kick into what they really do with the rowdy "All Futures" . It is a rowdy all out barrage that makes me think of what it might sound like if Deafheaven was jamming with Andrew WK. I appreciate the lust with which they go for it here even if it tramples the finer points of song writing. They start touching on that with " A Life So Wonderful" the vocals are buried in the din of what the rest of the band is doing causing the melody to wade through the sonic murk. If you are really into chaos then this album might appeal to you. I can say while I have liked the first two songs I am hoping they pull it together and give me songs I can sink my ears into . 

The deliver something more song focused with "An iteration" . It is kind of like the Pixies , mixed with Dinosaur Jr. There is a woozy shoe gaze like guitar tone in places. Their bass player is really melodic and able to get it here.  They go into a temper tantrum allowing the dam of chaos to burst once more. The vocals are female this time around. "Average Death" feels like more of a compromise, they have the slacker indie rock melody going with the vocals , but tempo wise keep their foot on the gas. There is more of an explosive Black Flag element to "Faith in Medication" .  It is far from straight forward punk as there are all these crazy layers of sounds going on.  The indie rock vocals offer their indifference before the storm of " Where Man Knows Want". 

"Real Folk Blues" is like if Sonic Youth had a more drastic freak out .  They shift into a more electronic mode with "Bad Selection" . The drums do not chill but still work with what's going on as the vocals create more of the mood. Mark Lanegan joins them for the last song that is much darker and what I want to hear them dip into more.  Overall I like this album, is it going to be the album of the year, well we are not at May yet , but unless we are just talking punk I think not likely since I am going to give this one a

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