Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spite House : " s/t"

O.k this is the last post-punk album with a female singer I am going to review unless they are really doing something fantastic. This has a more indie rock take on the Siouxsie styled vocals , but here they are given more of a punk edge. I can hear some Kim Gordon in her voice as well. The guitar and vibe of the album feels more like protomartyr to me. This album does get darker as it goes which wins points in my book and her voice makes me think more of Pj Harvey , Forget Cassettes or even Bjork.

"More' the punk in post-punk stands out, though some of the snarl makes Savages seem like on of this band's major influences. The synths are subtle. When they back off a bit on 'Act Natural" this is really needed. There guitarist shows range going from re-verbed out surf sound to more of a rock grit. The lyrics to "Seek Truth From Fact" are not the deepest, but this is balanced out by the gloomy guitar melody.The album ends with the stormy "Hannah". It is also their longest song at three and a half minutes. It almost might be the darkest song on the album as well.

Well these guys are better than the last Arctic Flowers album, and won me over more as the album progressed , because going into this I was over it when the singing kicked in. Not because she has a bad voice , she actually is better than most of the punk -Siouxsie imitators, but as I stated before this brand of post- punk is wearing out it's welcome. So they hard this hard fought 8.5 I am giving this album. Like to hear where they go in the future.

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