Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sannhet : "Revisionist"

Despite the fact that I generally don't like instrumental music , I have been looking forward to checking out Sannhet's new one. The lushly intense post-rock with easy on the ears , but with out vocals the songs tend to run together and to be honest all sound the same. The drumming is one of the albums strong points as is the effects drenched guitar tone what really has to do little more that let a few chords ring out. These guys have been called black metal before, but even calling them metal at this point is a bit of a reach, but the taunt syncopation and soaring ethereal bliss of the guitar does grow on you with repeat listens.

There are some moments where the intensity builds to a point of heaviness  falling somewhere in-between Russian Circles more  recent black metal infatuated moments and Deafheaven. But never gaining the kick of the latter. The bass tone goes for more of an Isis like thump when it steps back in the mix to hide behind the drums and a burlier tone when coming to the forefront. The meaner tone could have made this album heavier if it was more predominate. This does have some shoe gaze like qualities , the main one being the liberal doses off effects that can at times sound like My Bloody Valentine.

The blast beats begin to crop up on "You Thy" which gets off to more of an indie rock start before the drums really converge in on it. The blasting sections don't feel all that dark, so while it's played in a black metal manner it doesn't feel like black metal. They  let go into  a spacey swell of "Sinking Forward" that feels like it is ending before it was allowed to get any where, never giving the pay off you sensed it was building toward.The first stabs toward metal feel like they are being made in the intro of "Atrium". The intensity is a little more oppressive with the melody moaning, but it's the dusk not the darkness. Even when it stomps down like heavier shoe -gazed sludge.The following two songs run together even after repeat listens. "Empty Harbor" takes a more Twin Peaks approach to it's almost jazz like lead in, this leaves "Mint Harbor" to stand revealed as pretty much a intro for the closing song.

"False Pass" finds the band reaching into the most black metal moments of the album. With the astral shimmer of guitar splashed upon the blast beats.The spills out into a more sonically scathing climax. I am still looking forward to catching these guys when they open up for Liturgy, however I think there is an ample amount of hype attached to this album, which will more than likely end up on the end of the year "metal" list for hipsters all over. No new ground is being broken broken here. Still they captured some sounds that drew me in and made this enjoyable back ground music , but not something I just have to have. Give it an 8.

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