Thursday, February 19, 2015

Black Metal History Month : Death Karma's "the History of Death and Burial Rituals Part 1"

This project features members of Cult of Fire,  the songs studies in the various death ritual around the world they start this tour with Slovakia. It is a very dense death metal like pummel when it kicks in. The double bass kicks through the chaos. Guitar solos are leaking out from the holes within the metallic wall of sound. There are some punches that almost have an early Metallica feel to them. The synths and organs might just coat the back ground , but they are well placed. This density that sells the first song numbs you into a trance with it's attack becoming white noise in the second song, despite the slower pace of the intro switching it up a bit.

The Mexico themed song has a more established sound with the keyboards raising the sonic stakes.When venturing over to the Czech Republic they speed into a more black metal section. The blast beats of off set by the keyboards that are actually one of the albums saving graces rather than just a textured after thought as they are for many bands. The riff that closes out the song touches on arena rock as it comes across as sounding very Judas Priest inspired.

India's "Towers of Silence" finds a more progressive hinged melody driving it as the album becomes more melodic as it moves along. It's an instrumental, but the lack of vocals won't have you looking at your watch. The journey ends in China with "Hanging Coffins". A more morose and introspective excursion. The songs are well preformed, the concept is interesting. The songs did not really draw me into them and leave me wanting to hear the album again, when it was streaming on a loop, it was pleasant, but I haven't found myself thinking"Damn, I can' wait to hear that album again."So I'll give it a 7.5, if you are a big Cult of Fire fan it's a slightly more melodic direction than that band so you might dig it and round it up to an 8.


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