Monday, February 16, 2015

Black Metal History Month : Nest's s/t

What makes something blackened ? There is nothing satanic about this band, the closest connections you might draw to their sound in order to throw the blackened sludge doom tag on them is the dark ugliness and the dissonance it carries.has a sludged out groove, that hesitates as if waiting for the gurgled vocals to catch up with it. It's not what I expect to hear coming out of Lexington , Kentucky. They like fucking with you sonically, not fitting their sound neatly into the confines of today's metal. So much so that the first song almost feels like a intro fake out. They congeal into a denser and more focused rumble on "Wretched Earth" The rambling mad men in the sample running through the song serves as more of a lyricist that the vocals that are spewed out.

"The Earth is a Nest " carries some of the moments which come the closest to blackness. It purposefully throws itself down the stairs to fall apart. They pound into a more plodding and punishing doom on " the Womb is Barren in a Feral Light".  So much so until it feels very abortive, rather than allowing the song to fully develop. To their credit they do not waste any time lulling you in with extended atmosphere or any drone. This cuts their songs down to solid three and a half minute assaults that they shove full of jagged little pieces to cut your ears with. The bits of doom they do touch on here are effective and make me want to hear what it would sound like it they took those riffs and ran with them.

The album ends with clean guitar leading up into another dirty pounding, like a graveyard gang bang, but is not content to wallow in the grave instead it pounds and roars as it staggers along.I'll give this one an 8.5, I like where these guys are heading the sound they pound out lends it self to a more lo-fi fuzz driven approach. I would say sludge is the dominant ingrediant.

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