Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Black Metal History Month : Black Metal's Top 10 Influences

Some of these get mentioned all the time , so much until the point you begin to wonder if the bands are just citing them because that is what is expected of them. One of these "typical" answers to the "Who are your influences question rank lower than expected. One of the interesting side notes of this is how big of an influence death metal was on black metal, despite often hearing in interview that the second wave of black metal, you know the church burning kind, made the music they did in retaliation of death metal.  So I scoured the inner webs for the influences of ten second wave bands, so any band influenced by one of these bands I researched would be too new to count , after these second wave bands have gone on to influence black metal as we know it today .

The bands these influences are compiled from are Mayhem, Burzum, Marduk, Dark Throne, Emperor, Taake, Immortal, Ulver, Enslaved, Dissection

 and the results are...


Varg always said he hated the bands that wore cammo shorts, but these guys surprisingly got mentioned more than Sodom and Possessed.


Well Watain took their name from them, but they aren't the only one that cited this lo-fi blasting beat death metal band that is now almost black metal by association.
8 -Kreator

This is not surprising as you can here their influence vocally on the black metal rasp taken on by Taake and Enslaved.

Liked them when I heard them but this german band is the one band this list whose albums I have never owned.
6-Morbid Angel

"Altars of Madness" got cited a lot. It's dark and awesome, so this makes sense.


I got the idea to make this list this am , because I woke up thinking about the "Hell Awaits" album. Yes, I wake up thinking about "Hell Awaits " that's how metal I am. Enslaved also wakes up thinking abut Slayer.

This is the band I though more would cite, of course the obvious ones like Darkthrone did.
3-Mercyful Fate

Of Emperor can not hide this fact. Darkthrone also have them a few shout outs over the years.
2- Bathory

The first of the viking metal.  I think  it is interesting  Bathory also cites Mercyful Fate as an influence, but since more bands said Bathory than Fate, this is where it falls.
1- Celtic Frost-

This is interesting as they are one of the slower bands on this list, maybe second to Mercyful Fate. I suppose it might not be their most black metal moment below, though they are wearing make-up

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