Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Black Metal History Month- They Leapt From Burning Windows-"Slash Your Flesh, Drink to Death"

Another entry in the we are going to make more concise black metal is this band from Anchorage Alaska, who released the four song cassette early this month. Raw and feral, the drums are a rough piece of work , but you can still make out what they are going for here. There is a slight Burzum element here. They are capable at playing at various tempos so the blasting one "Exsanguine" doesn't seem overdone as they guitars cascade in behind it.

The vocals are scream in the kind of tortured manner as many depressive suicidal black metal bands. Almost seeming like an after though as the guitar which dominates the mix is obviously the focal point. There is a point in the second song where it runs together, but these guys make the effort to be as dynamic as they can without letting  go of the furious tempos. There is a darker buzz of distortion on "Into the Turnagain Bore". they throw in some pounding accents which are followed up with an almost punk like aggression.

They end this ep with the title track that slows things down to an almost doom like tempo. The guitar is ugly and jagged , with a bitter sweet after taste. his is only maintained for the first two minutes before they break down into a another swarming section.The chugs they lock onto are pretty effective as is the almost Black Sabbath meets Ac/Dc by way of hardcore riff that the songs stumbles upon. Sure this is just an ep but an entire album of this might be draining.I'll give this an 8 and keep my ears open for what these guys do in the future, but I am not sure that I need this in my iPod. If you like your black metal raw and primitive in it's punk fueled angst, then this is an album you want to check out as you will probably round it up a point.

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