Thursday, February 26, 2015

Flowers and Fire :"Demo"

When you start going through the demos it means you are really digging to find something fresh in the genre. This is a "post-punk" release, I'll prolly scower my friends podcast blog for some other dark stuff. This band has strong shoe gaze element colliding with the Siouxsie like post-punk. Before I know it I am at the third song,  the second song breezed past me as they are all running at similar tempo. the singer's melodies are very similar. The bass lines vary but hint at the same thing.This Canadian band has captures some great sounds particularly for a demo. It is not as lo-fi as I thought this one would be going into it.

"Fire" is the first song that really resonates with me. The singer asks you to fire walk with her, which is music to my ears considering I am re watching  Twin Peaks. The bass comes to the fore front, sure the singer sounds more like Siouxsie when she sings in a lower register, but this song works.There is something soothing and Cure like about "Substance" the previous song was another breeze that blew past me, though when I go back I can appreciate the guitar melody.Her melody stays in the same zip code as everything else she does, her lyrics touch on vampires here which is a good dark goth topic. If anyone calls these guys death-rock they don't know what death rock is, this is content in being lullabies for the early morning.

For a demo this is pretty impressive. I think this band could grow into something, but it's premature right now. The guitarist is the bands strongest link. I think on a full length they would be forced to expand there sound or it would bore you to sleep. They  have a lot of potential. I'll round this one down to a 7.5, since many of the songs sound too much a like , "Substance" stands apart the most.

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