Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Metal History Month- Top 10 Punk Bands Who Influenced Black Metal

It goes back and forth like the chicken and the egg as to punk's influence on black metal, many bands like Amibex cite early first wave of black metal like Celtic Frost and Venom as an influence. But not black metal artists share this sentiment as Varg as said  he is not a fan of any kind of punk, but likes the Cure. More romantic and progressive sides of black metal like Emperor have no punk leaning and owe more to Iron Maiden,

10- Puke- Only Darkthrone claims this Swedish punk band as an influence, but say they are a big one.
9- Gism- Another band Darkthrone has mentioned
8-Poison Idea- has been referenced by Mutilation Rites
7-Dead Kennedys- Mayhem has covered them.

6-GBH- Bathory cites "Charged" as an album that influenced him.
5-Black Flag- Both Darkthrone and Horna have cited Black Flag.
4-The Cure- Well early Cure is certainly more punk and Burzum and Carpathian Forest have both either covered them or referenced Robert Smith and friends.

3-Discharge -in an interview with Erik of Watain he mentioned Discharge as an influence. So has Mutilation Rites

2- Misfits- Deathwolf  which features members of Marduk is very Misfits influenced, Horna hath said they were influenced by them.Behemoth has covered solo Danzig which pretty much counts.
1- GG Allin- G.G has come up in interviews with Erik before. Horna and Taake also claim him as an influence .

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