Saturday, December 20, 2014

Up From the Underground: G2P

G2p is not the name of the robot from the new Star Wars trailer, it is a band from Tampa. The affinity for up beat grooves seems more fitting for a band out of Jacksonville or Fort Lauderdale, instead of the city best know for pretty much creating death metal as we now know it. This guys fit into the guilty pleasure side of the dial. If you thought early Incubus was not that bad then you will understand the frequency these guys are coming from. The singer even as a twinge of Brandon Boyd to his voice. They know how to reach for the big hooks like Incubus once did during their late 90's heyday.

One thing I found impressive about these guys is how they have some funk and reggae to their sound, but have the restraint and good taste to not turn this into rap rock. What they got the have to give to your mother on "Me". Though they are more fluidly rock than Flea and company. They are smoking from the same bong as 311 at times . They bring to mind the famous Keith Richards quote "It's better to steal than to barrow, if you barrow you have to give it back." This fits for G2P, once you think you have them red handed, they inject something with a very different identity. You think that's the Chilli Peppers's guitar tone? Think again there is a slight country twang to it. Through out the album , which is very well produced, the guitarist sorts through some interesting clean tones, his distorted tone, might not appease metal fans who need a much thicker gain. These guys are also in standard tuning which sometimes gives the more casual chugs a Green Day feel.

The singer's brassy second tenor, knows it's way around a melody. He has enough personality to it so he doesn't sounds like an Adam Levine clone. He even touches on the sort of charisma a pop singer like Bruno Mars capitalizes on. I like the throaty blues accents he throws in really quickly.

The band closes the ep out with the most adventurous song "Scream". It hits almost Tool inflected prog. The drummer shows his worth on this song. It sounds like this is the one they have the most fun with live and cranked up to ten it comes across heavier than in the studio as well. Even the darker palm muted opening riff of "Purge", suggests these guys have a metal side that is battling against the desire to be radio friendly. If this is pop rock then I will take these guys any day over the beardy folk thing.


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