Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Catching Up With 2014-Hemgraven:"Sanddyner av Glas"

These Swedes pack a Samhain like punch to their brand of post punch, at least until you dig a few songs in and then they begin to remind me of Inxs' 'the Swing" album. The bass is right where it needs to be and the baritone vocals have power and conviction in their bellowing. The first song the singer reminded me of Danzig, then more subtle punk and new wave influences weave their webs. The Inxs thing sticks from the third song on. Though there is a little Depeche Mode hanging around the melodies, but these guys are much more organic and heavy than Depeche Mode.

They remind you that back in the 80's many of these bands we are throwing roses to in the club were somewhat poppy for the time. You weren't going to hear Bauhaus on  mainstream radio, but the Cure and Depeche Mode, certainly held some weight on the Fm side of the dial. The title track finds the band realizing their most lush guitar sound yet. The drums fall in behind it opening the door for the bass to drive it from there. The backing aaahs are very Depeche Mode, though they offset this with the heavy charge of the bass that is almost more death-rock and then dreamy surf rock guitar is the last thing you would expect to come out of Sweden.

The album ends on a weird angular a discordant note. There bass player who has been a dominate force in driving the album and grounding the more ghostly flutters of guitar.The uses a similar Euro-funk to add an almost dance element by way of Gang of Four on "Ett annat satt att leva". This almost creates a industrial element as swathes of distortion drift around this cold ocean. This song holds up the melody better than the closing sound, that has too much metallic chaos sprinkled over it despite the guitars players best attempts to create a melodic bridge. This doesn't make the song unlistenable, but it might not flow as smoothly in the way all the puzzle pieces are assembled here.

They sold out of the limited run of tapes, so you can name your price on their Bandcamp.I found this album to be an intriguing enough listen to want to hear more of it , it's the kind of post-punk that while it's not dark enough to be goth, is stark enough to become a fitting soundtrack to a snowy winter. I'm giving it a 9.


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