Saturday, December 20, 2014

Catching Up With 2014: Fatalism-"Mystery of Death"

These guys are dark enough for me. That can not be said for the majority of the music I search though on a daily basis. The hollow vocal hold a static chant like pulse over the more black metal like music, that rips underneath it with sonic intensity. The opening song works well for what it does ,which is give you an intense drone with some teeth to it. It begs the question can they keep this feeling, without pursuing in the same manner. The chug that opens "Isolde" lets you know the metal elements were not by mistake.

"Isolde" also uses almost the same chanted vocal line. So these guys might be a one trick pony, if they don't prove something to me. The one trick they do is cool, but I need multiple dimensions to my music. The music allows for the drums to build, while the vocals remain locked in their static chant. The music shifts underneath this chant enough to add layers of dissonance, but the vocals bring you back to the first song.The black metal elements return as well, these guys do sound black metal where a band like Hateful Abandon does not, with only the vocals anchoring it the post -punk thing.

The tightly palm muted "Isle" gets away from the sound the front end of the album was entrenched in. The vocal still chant they just alternate away from the cadence that was bordering on monotony.The guitar has attack but strays slightly from being metal.The chant comes back is a more dreamy fashion, under the "Don't Fear the Reaper like chords of "the Gloom Reaper" so at least they are in on the joke. I know this is artsy as fuck and the musically there are some really cool sounds, but I have to round this down to an 8 as the vocals kill some of the songs for me. If you prefer drone to melody, round it up.


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