Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Catching Up With 2014 : Nasheim "Solens Vemod"

It's albums like this one that make the need to seek out these gems that slipped between the cracks so important. In February I did not hear one word about this one.Their Label Northern Silence Productions really lived up to their name on this one. This is like if old Alcest was written as a depressive black metal band and then given an icy Swedish coat of snow to wear.Soft chants of clean vocals haunting the harsher croaks and gurgles. The use of cleaner guitar tone is also effective in the layered sound this one man band machine puts together. Sound wise the drums at times are the only weak point as the double bass sounds a little like the pitter patter of rain on the windshield , but everything is so lush you stay pretty much distracted from that fact.

On the second song  he launches into more of an typical blasty fest. There is another little melody under this that gives it a little more  gray to it's heart , but it is not the predominate element until things slow down, by the minute and a half point only to speed back up. Making this more bi-polar black metal than depressive . Once the verse comes in it's slowed down , but with heavier accents. The mournful sweeping that takes the song away in the middle section that is seems to float around is a really beautiful emotional outpouring of anger and despair. There  are some elements that might appeal to fans of the whole black-gaze trend of shoe gazing black metal, but where this project strength lies is in where many of the so called atmospheric black metal bands fail, is that it keeps the songs afloat and never over indulge in sounds of running water or minimalist synth twinkling. The acoustic guitar interlude in the 3rd piece doesn't drag on but transitions into a really moving melodic section. Midway through the third song I'm pretty much convinced this guy can do no wrong.Even when he takes the easy way out and goes into blasting, the song has already had enough majick to it that winding it up that way wouldn't kill it for me, but he has also proven himself as a song writing that I trust he won't go out like that.He doesn't disappoint, but keeps black metal fans engaged ,building a balance of the epic racing parts vs the need for melody.

He ends the album with "Vordnad" which at nine minutes is the album's shortest song. It's a more shoe gaze or post rock affair. It drfits more with out the need to pack a punch....or so you think until the five minute mark when it brings the pain crashing down on you. I guess I should have heard it coming , but he caught me by surprise so well done. It's pretty tasteful as heavy builds go, it stays with the melodic theme established. This album is pretty flawless , wish I had caught it sooner, so needless to say it gets a 10.

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