Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nux Vomica has been on the tips of every one's tongue and even more so that the end of the year lists are rolling out and they are a hip horse to bet on. Portland is filled with Hipsters. These guys seem pretty genuine in what they are doing, and just happen to be caught in the hype. But do they live up  to that is the question we are going to answer.

This album is comprised of three songs, the shortest is 11 mins and the longest is 19. Not really something for shuffle mode. This must be consumed as one whole for to get the most of it. They win me over on their fluid dynamics. Whatever sound you want to lable them as , crust , sludge, black metal, hard core, they bridge these gaps in a very organic manner. They let the pound ring out, but I would not say they are doom, just playing slower.

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