Saturday, December 20, 2014

Catching Up With 2014 - Readership Hostile: s/t Ep

Ok, this came out all the way back in January . This is yet another female fronted post- punk project, that wants to be death-rock, but doesn't feel spooky enough to me to have anything in common with 45 Grave. Their singer Adrienne Pearson, has a decent voice, she projects with power, but stylistically seems a little flat in the first few songs. "Snowflakes on My Tongue" does more for me than the opening track, and if you need a X-mas song , well here is one for you.

On a song like "Ghost Lived Fire" there is a more 80's metal feeling, which combined with Pearson's tone on the opener makes me think these guys might have started off as vest metal, and then gothed it up, which is the kind of bandwagon jumping you can expect from L.A., the heavy handed manner this is gone about here makes "Ghost Lived Fire" a little hard to stomach. This big rock sounds holds strong on "Failing Fools" which reminds me of Rainer Maria. Pearson has a strong voice, but the cock rock guitar leanings spoil what they do have going here. At best it sounds like the Cult.

There is a more fitting punk element to "Damaged Goods' almost Runaways in it's attitude, combined with Missing Persons. The lyrics are pretty decent. "Damaged Goods' sounds like it is trying a little too hard to be a public service announcement, but otherwise lyrics are often their strong suit. The metal is laid on thick right from the opening riff of "Tainted Pale", which is darker , but this could almost be In This Moment. However this might also be one of the albums best tracks, so they are damned if they do and damned if they don't at this point. I'll give this one a 6 despite the indentity crisis, by the end of the last song I found myself thinking she better be hot, as I could see that as a key selling point.

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