Friday, December 12, 2014

The Top Ten Worst Albums of 2014

I forced myself to listen to some of this so you wouldn't have to. Some of these albums got reviewed, others were so bad I couldn't listen to it again to really put it into words. Twilight's newest album which fell a little short, just missed this list by the skin of their teeth.There are some of the arena rockers you would expect to be dialing it in, but some more underground fare that fell flat too.
So let's count down the Top ten worst albums of 2014

10-Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love -Score 5

While they are better than Pussy Riot, what they do tends to fall short of being songs which when you are making music ...well.

9-the Dread Lords- Death Angel -5
This is one of those, where I couldn't get into it enough to write a review. A five is generous, but I think the singer has a good voice. The lyrics are beyond silly and trying to hard. The instrumentation is to sparse. The heavier moments feel awkward. I could go on, it's possible these guys might still have a good album in them, this just isn't it.

8-Opeth: Pale Communion - Score 4.5

These guys were once awesome, but the prog wagon has drifted them so far into indulgence they only have two good songs on this album. Sure some of this is well played. But it is wimpier than Jethro Tull

7- Dephosphorus: Ravenous Solemnity Score 4.5

Heavy handed riff chaos, where metal embraces the worst elements of punk. The litany of issues are listed below.

6- Foo-Fighters - Sonic Highways Score- 4

My biggest problem with Foo-fighters is they are one of the reasons for Sunny Day Real Estates demise. Their first two albums were decent for radio fluff. Now they are resorting to making HBO document specials to try to breathe life into their uninspired radio fodder. I have no clue why they have three guitar players. Sometimes Dave stumbles over a catchy melody or two. The lyrics are  far beyond horrible.

5- Midnight-No Mercy For Midnight- Score 4.5

We are now passing the point of no return, this is no ooops... better production or maybe we should have tweaked the songs a bit , maybe a disappointment after our last album .... no we are going into you straight up suck.I haven't been that bored listening to an album in some time. Raspberry Bulbs does this better. You can read the rest of my gripes below.

4 - Issues:-S/T- Score-4

The comeback of nu metal is even more lackluster than you might have braced yourself for. The full list of my issues with Issues can be read below.

3 - Slipknot: the Gray Album-Score -3

Talk about dialing it in. The new drummer isn't doing these guys any favors. I don't mind Corey's clean vocals , but here they sound like any teenager from Myspace in the 2000's Even worse at other moments they sound like something from a Foo- Fighters album.One of the funniest moments is the fact the song "Kilpop" is one of the poppiest things I have heard from them.

2 - Avenged Sevenfold : Waking the Fallen Score-2.5

They tried to get heavier on this one , but it doesn't work out. Big problem is all of the clean vocal melodies sound exactly the same. The really slam the point home that cool riffs along don't make a good song, in their case they have them wedged i between so much cheese, it's hard to tell one from the next.To even try to score this one I had to fast forward  to catch the gist . Has one of the worst power ballads ever written on this.

1- Black Veil Brides : s/t -Score 2.5

I knew this nu-metal version of Motley Crue would be bad. They have turned more into Avenged Fold, the singer is less Vince Neil and trying to put more balls in his voice, but ends up sounding like the guy from Slipknot. Some of the emo is gone , but replaced by beer rock. For every riff that could be good there is a stupid radio melody that borders on Nickleback.It's not until the 3rd song that the singer returns to his more Hot Topic form. They are really going toe to toe with Avenged Sevenfold to see who can write the worst power ballad. I almost could respect the cock rock emo they used to play more than this. This one I could only get through a minute at a time. "Last Rites" is the only song on here that's listenable.

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