Friday, December 5, 2014

Lie: "Consent"

The what is dark punk vs revivalist post-punk debate is raging away in some lonely forum on the inner webs. This band could be a point of contention for either side. The one things that strikes me about this Vancouver three piece is their lead singer isn't trying to worship Siouxise. I but after the fourth band I heard doing that, it got old quick, and I have Zola Jesus. The herky jerky punk of  "Casual Embrace" gets kicked out of the the opener in such a way it all kind of runs together. There is a slight hint of early Sonic Youth in their guitar sound. The slicing metallic ring of the rusty strings works for these gals in the same manner that a similar approach did on the first couple of Iceage albums. The noisey element that comes with this style of  reckless clamor, doesn't works as well when amped up to the velocity they reach on "Broken".

By the time the album reaches "Saved" , I think it's fair to say these girls fall on the punk side of the fence. The social commentary about the battle of the sexes is pretty biting on "Success" . The guitar and the vocal interplay here is more precise that it appears to be for the bulk of the album.The drummer and bassist are a good team, this is best depicted in "Allez" where they pretty much hold down the song, as the guitar and vocals wander in a  distant lo-fi haze. The vocals on this song are more of  dead pan narrative, here style goes from this to the more typical punk shouting, some of the vocal layering is unique to this band. The raped themed "Sorry" brings things to a darker animalistic brooding, which is the closest I would say they really come to goth.It is like a rawer version of Savages.

The bass propelled "Seams" closes out the album. The vocals coolly purr under the blistering riot the guitar incites.There is a slight ore room for a greater dynamic range they are normally able to try and cram into the two minute  time limit most of these songs fall into.Her voice works best in the lower sing song
fashion she utilizes here.This album is a fun listen. If I am going to listen to any punk rock that comes out after 1988 this is how I have to take it. Do they default to histrionic tempers tantrums at the sake of song writing. Yes, but that is what punk rock should do to some extent. Not sure how much play time this one will get , but I look forward to hearing where they go from here as their sound matures. I'll give it an 8, highly recommended to fans of female punk.

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