Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Healing : "The Childhood Home Ep"

Even though this technically would be "Brit Pop" considering the band is from London. This has little in common with the Smiths or the Beatles and is instead a blues based brand of indie rock holding more in common with the Black Lips with they did no have a punk rock background, however the vocals and the chord progression remind me of Steve Miller's "Fly Like an Eagle". The vocals are very relaxed and the guitar shifts from the more indie rock lo-fi jangle to a classic rock sound. "Losing My Way" retains smoothness, that almost gives this the lazy sheen a band like the Shins employs, it however also holds onto the blues slathered guitar tone of 70's radio rock. The songs are easy on the ears with the combination.The melodies are graceful and subdued. This first time where this rock elements really drives the song in a way that rocks rather than reflect is on "Tonopah". It does so in more of a Police like manner. The guitar lines silky in their attack. The builds are not explosive, just dynamically louder. The sugary smooth vocals deliver this narrative in a tranquil yet emotive manner. The vocals really hold together the tentative "Childhood Home". This song recalls Neil Young, though the airy feel of the instrumentation is very minimal. The drums are faint leaving the vocals plead to keep the melody strung to the loose arrangement like a fragile spider web.

The drums also employ a very minimal approach to the beginning of "Shed One Tear". Though by the chorus they build. The dynamics of this song remind me of Elliot Smith's more drunken stabs at rock n roll. This and the previous song shed some of the blues elements, with the guitar break down at the middle section sounding more prog like. At seven minutes this is the albums longest song it give the band a chance to experiment a little and jam in the latter half of this song, which is a nice touch. The drummer shows he does have some chops despite the hesitation he seemed to play with earlier in the album. This jam like section is also used to make the most of the chorus when it kicks back in.

 These guys might take a few listens to really infect you with what you do. They hide their chops at times to like the songs breathe in the empty places.This is what gives their sound a more garage like indie sound, despite the very slick production that gives this album its distant warmth. If you like more laid back indie rock, that has a lot of thought put behind it's seemingly carefree jangle then these guys are worth you time for sure.

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