Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Report to the Dance Floor: Clocks and Clouds' "Aliantha"

The first thing that strikes me about the new single by this 3 piece from Minneapolis is how very Phillip Glass the intro is as it racing your ears around in a dizzying drone. Even though the trio is comprised of just Cello, Violin and Drums, they manage to capture most things I want form music of any form be it metal, goth or post-rock. They have a dynamic ebb and flow. There is a emotional darkness and they have some ball to what they are doing.Said balls come in the way of the harsher effects they lace the beat with outside of the drum kit.

If dub-step is an ugly word to you, you might check your prejudice's at the door as the woobly robotic farts have never been put to better use. When juxtaposed against the chamber music, such tones are not left out in the open to just make you think the ghost of 2011 has left the building.The song is very precise, similar artists like Godspeedyoublackemperor would have turned this into a more indulgent and sprawling thing, but Clocks and Clouds, reins in such urges to serve the song. So the amount of songwriting awards they have won since there formation four years ago seems fitting.

The song has a lyric quality to it , so if instrumentals don't always speak you, and they some times bore me as well unless they are done right and this bands have scored well on that front. They keep my attention, not allowing themselves to just paint the background. Some of the morose melodies carry more of a classical cadence than something Mogwai might do.The builds in intensity is what retains the post- rock label here.

If you are feeling more adventurous and want more of what you heard here then check out their ep the Creation of Matter which can be found here... I get all manner of artists coming across the inner webs to me,rarely are there those who demand repeat listens like these guys have this after. So grab and glass of wine or your cigarette lighter and your you-know-what and prepare to let this project take you for a rather exotic ride.   

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