Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Conjuro Nuclear: s/t

The death rock tag continue to be thrown around.These is dark and raw and weird. All elements of death rock, but I am hesitant to apply that title to it.The second album from this one man band from Spain starts off with dark surf rock that crashed into a garage while wearing a jacket of metal wrapped around it. The second song goes down the same path, with faint growled vocals buried sparsely in the din. It seems like more of a song than the opening number which was more of an intro.

There are more cheesy little soundtrack interludes. The first song that really kicks off is "Divinorum". The vocals come across like really lo fi cvlt black metal. Which works for me . There is  a lot of drone and melody, so think a gothed out version of Burzum. The first real hint of death rock, is in the still metal driven "Intoxicacion". There are also some almost dark wave elements to the song that follows.

The have a very minimalist approach to song writing and sometimes, the drone of what they do works to carry it forward . At other times it seems as if they just had a good idea for a song that needed to be further developed before committed to wax. This often mixed bag , even some of the cheesy horror soundtrack moments are cool atmosphere that can at times be effectvily worked into the more song oriented context of what they do. However I would like the vocals to be more than a half buried after thought. These songs don't really translate like Autumn For Crippled Children can as instrumentals.

They do use the buried vocals to an almost "Jesus Built My Hotrod" effect on " Desechos Toxicos".They end the album with the first thing that has even more of a death rock feel, if we are saying death rock by way of maybe Alien Sex Fiend.The guitar line is darker and has more conviction to its drive some some of the more droney lines this album holds.

I like the vibe, the songs and production need more work. The vocals really need to come out to the fore front , but if those things are not gripes you have with lo-fi black metal with tinges of dark wave, then you might score this one higher than the 7 I am going to give this.

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