Friday, May 19, 2017

Slowdive ; s/t

Right from the intro it's obvious that these guys are  not just trying to recreate the glory days but writing honest to god songs. We could compare this album to " Souvlaki",   but what would the point of that be? If they tried too hard to recreate it I would pan it and if they had forsaken it all together I would have been pissed so what we have is something that acknowledges and is true to what the band's original vision was. "Don't Know Why" just kinda breezes by me without really connecting, but I can recognize that the band is doing something that is very them just with more of an indie rock indifference , which still casts it's shadow on "Sugar For the Pill" but for some reason this is done in a way that seems more honest and heartfelt to me.

Without question the guitar tones on this album are great and the production is spectacular even if the vocals are intentionally lo fi. No longer Making Time" finds them knocking it out of the park both mood wise and the sprawling atmosphere the paint before you. I like all of the sonic places it takes me to. Any post- rock band should make note of how this album was produced. The guitar that opens "Go Get it" sounds like it is dripping from the stars.There is a very "Obscured By Clouds" era Pink Floyd feel to this one.  The second time the drums kick back in the song's sense of movement increases.

The album closes with the tinder tinkle of piano on "Falling Ashes". The vocals become more of a centerpiece. They are layered male and female. This song is more of an outro than something I feel compelled to listen to. Overall however they have returned to prove why they are every bit as vital to shoe-gaze as My Bloody Valentine. I would argue even more so as they actually wrote songs uses the hypnotic sonics, where My Bloody Valentine was more concerned about hitting you with the sounds and could often careless how they were formed. Whatever the case I'll give this album a 9 and see how it sits with me for the rest of the year.

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