Monday, May 22, 2017

Samsara : " When the Soul Leaves the Body"

Slovakian metal is gaining ground now when it comes to doom. The proof lies in this band Samsara who has a big majestic sound, when they pick up the pace into a chug the results are without a doubt powerful.
The vocals are growled in a low more death metal manner than the more struggled gurgle I associate with doom. But it can not be argued if they are a doom band or not. I think it can be called into question if they are funeral doom, but it's up to the genre straw counters and critics like myself to keep the gate on that one. These guys are very good at what they do. This album is very well produced and they have a vast sprawling sound.By the time we get to " the Letter About Knowledge" they soaring formula that worked so well on the opener seems to be meandering slightly here.

There is a more melodic touch to "the Calling". The vocals are more forceful growl, that carry more of an aggressive roar to them than what I normally call doom. That is not to say it usurps the entire song. The guitar melody is hooky enough to keep my attention. By the four minute mark they have picked up into something hard to not head bang to. Arrangements are one of this band's strong points. I really like the interplay between the guitar and synths on "Between Two Worlds" it sets the stage for a memorable melody way before the growls come in. This song is over thirteen minutes so some sections drag on longer than others. Overall they tend to drone less than many doom metal bands of today. They also clock in at next to nothing when it comes to Black Sabbath worship owing much more to bands like My Dying Bride.

"In Anxiety" starts off strong, but I have learned with these guys its how things click when you are in the middle of one of those sprawling epics that matters the most. The middle finds them locked into a deliberate chug ahead. Overall this might not be at the same level of excellence as Loss , but it is more than likely going to prove it self to be  one of the year's strongest doom albums so far . I'll give this a 9.5.


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