Saturday, May 6, 2017

Full of Hell : "Trumpeting Ecstasy"

I was impressed when I saw these guys open for Mutilation Rites a few years ago. Since then their recorded out put has not really wowed me.There is less of a hardcore sensibility to what they do and they are are almost straight up grindcore with  touches of death metal. The vocals on the one minute opener go from a more black metal like rasp to a low gurgle.But it's too brief to really consider as a song. The same can be said for "Branches of Yew", they have a mean guitar tone, but that is about it. "Bound Sphinx" is the first real song. It pretty good and closer to what I have in my head from when I saw them live. "Cosmic Vein" is somewhat evil sounding in it's intent with lyrics referencing Satan. It's much more of a song than the 40 second "Digital Prison". The more metallic " Crawling to God" is pretty decent with stronger more defined riffs.

One common thread I notice which comes from their thick distorted tone is a lot of the sounds they create kind of collide in the barrage and things get murky and chaotic more often than not. With bass tone to "Gnawed Flesh " production choice is hard to argue against, but the song writing suffers hear because of their dependence on it. "Ashen Mesh" is dependent on it's chaos and brutality and doesn't make the most of the qualities I think are the bands strengths. The use of female vocals on title track and the more deliberate pacing make this is album's best song and a sound that I would like to hear them delve deeper into.

The close the album with the frenzy that is "At the Cauldrons Bottom".  This is more black metal influenced which is a a shadow that hangs over this album as a whole even though there is never a song where you can say ok they are playing black metal now. There is also a slower more Converge like riff, Converge is a band that I originally thought these guys to be most influenced by , but they have carved out a much darker place for themselves hear and if this was going to reflect Converge in anyway it would be their "You Fail Me" period. I would say this is the band's second best song on the album and perhaps the one the drummer shines the most on I'll give this one an 8 as it eventually won me over despite the little micro-songs that I felt would have been better served cobbled into a real song , fans of the band can round this up to a 9 since they are going to be into that sort of thing.

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