Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dødsengel : "Interequinox"

I guess while I am what looks to be a black metal kick we might as well take a listen to ThisNorwegian black metal band's fourth album.
They continue to be adventurous in the tones and sound-scapes they paint, but the most impressive thing about their over all sound to me is the vocals. The high wailing almost sung vocals are not like other bands. "Prince of Ashes" finds them getting close to what their peers do with lower growl and layered guitars. The black beats are almost obligatory. Of course it should come as no surprise that it's the band's darker more melodic moments that don't feel like they are being rushed past you that are my favorite. This is not to say the faster sections don't have their place, but as with anything balance is the key to well rounded song writing. I am also glad that in 2017 we are beginning to hear bass finally beginning to resurface in black metal. I say resurface as bands like Venom and Celtic Frost who are the genre's forefather knew the importance of it.

Even though its a odd take on singing actual singing actually takes place on "Emerald Earth". In someways this reminds me of Urfaust in how it's handled. I can hear the King Diamond influence in the evil croak. Then they go back to the blasting which after the previous song seems like they are taking the easy way out. The vocals are a gurgled spew that sounds like his vocal chords are being liquefied. There are some guitar melodies hidden some where in the din. It's not a bad song, as I appreciate the energy and the fact they are just not color by numbers black metal even in their more straight forward moments.The dramatically croaked King Diamond like vocals are coupled with a trippy guitar tone at the beginning of "Illusions" that really wins me over.So when the drums go into a half time groove it's a done deal. So much so that when they do go into the lower death metal vocals and blasts beats it makes more sense dynamically. The female vocals come out of no where , but still work really well.

"Palindrome" gets off to a more rock n roll start than the previous songs.The verses are very deliberate, with the kind of attention to detail you might have thought only Dimmi gave to their music. They close with another very thoughtfully paced song. The vocals are more of a gruff death metal bark.This one might not have impacted me to the level some of the songs wow'ed me , but it still works. In fact this album as a whole is pretty impressive so I will give it a 9. Debemur Morti Productions released this album last week and this is the third time they have really killed when delivering the goods making them

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