Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Peasants : "Dirt Worship"

 They are not lying to admit to this being a demo. It some nasty dirty doom tinged sludge that is raw to an almost punk extent to do the lack of production value. In some ways this is the charm of the sound presented here. The drums ring out like you are sitting in their practice space. The more distant guitar tone helps create atmosphere whether it was intentional or not. It opens with a jams that runs over 11 mins. The bass tone is really what is lacking here. When it drops down so you can hear the bass it is apparent that is the band's weak link. The vocals shift from a more Eyehategod like scream to a low gurgled growl. "High Wraith" is heavier and more aggressive , but doesn't sit as well and when they shift gears and speed up in highlights the flaws in the recording process.

I like the title "God is Garbage" It is more traditional doom, until it is driven by a more crusty beat. A guitar solo occupies a good chunk of the song, but it works pretty effectively.Medusa rumbles along with mammoth steps that follows in the blue print laid out by black sabbath and later bastardized by Celtic Frost , but run through a filter of sloppy death metal. That doesn't feel the wheel is being reinvented by a longshot but it works for them. I am sure live this hits you at a volume that makes even more of an impression, but even with metal I need to be just as effective as when I am listening to it wtih only one ear bud in at my computer. "Bongchitis" rumbles only the same bellowing path with out veering to add any other dynamics aside from the occasional guitar melody that surfaced.

The album closes on it's most atmospheric and melodic note with "Pilgrimage" This also might be the albums most well-written song as it has an expansive sense of dynamics building into the more intense death metal like section with low gurgled vocals. It is clearly not doom in the way it builds but works with the hybrid form of metal these guys encompass. I'll give this album a 6.5, it is a demo so the rough quality leaves something to be desired at times and I feel this documents what their potential as a band might be rather than the final testament of what that should sound like, but then again it's a demo, if you like rawer production then go ahead and round this up as it might not phase you.

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