Sunday, May 28, 2017

Circle of Ouroboros :"Ruumistahdet"

This project from Finland is back with an album that finds them returning to their black metal roots.
The second real song is two minutes long also doesn't have much room to explore a wide range of dynamics. They do manage to squeeze in come eerie guitar melodies and I like the fact you can actually hear the bass on this one. The fourth is darker and angrier with more drive. The vocals stay in a more feral Burzum like place. Even though it's longer than some "Petetty" is more of a droning interlude than a song. The bass playing on this album has really stepped it up. The bass is often more melodic than the guitar. There is a weighty Celtic Frost like stomp to "Odotus" which at almost four minutes is one of the album's longest songs. There are some gloomy guitar melodies that echo from behind the more distorted guitar. The vocals are ore of a snarling rant.

They break the four minute mark again with something that is more in league with Venom. The shadows of their more Cure like side which came out in the past is still there and breathes heavier on their neck with "Kaarme Keirtyy" this is one of the best balances of atmosphere and melody with their grim sound thus far.The beautiful gloom continues on "mieleni on eksynyt".As the album winds on . With 18 songs it is a long and winding road with this one, they come closer to depressive black metal in several places. The vocals begin to feel a little stale I wish there was a little more variance in where they go all me mainly get a coarser version of talking their way through the songs.

"Kylmasta kylmempaaan" sounds like a cross between old Cure and Burzum, with Varg handling the vocals. "Oisia vieraita" finds the guitar more sweeping and atmospheric and the drums calming down into a mellower groove. Once again the vocals find them painted into hole. There is not enough going on like a band along the lines of An Autumn for Crippled Children employs to really justify this to the fullest extent. There is a more straight forward black metal assault to the closing song.As far a back metal albums go in 2017 this is pretty good, even with the more post-punk side phased out I'll give it an 8.

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