Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Svart Crown : "Abreaction"

The project of French guitarist/ vocalist JB Lebail is releasing it's fourth full length. This time their vision of blackened death metal is even more textured and melodic. It opens with a gloom filled dirge that slowly builds and then retracts back into atmosphere before accelerating. When it does it uses a very syncopated hammering. The second song is more death metal and while well preformed didn't offer many moments that did much other than blast right past me on the first listen . On the second listen I heard more of a break down midway through, but it didn't have the kind of urgency you typically think of metal engaging you with. "The Pact : to the Devil His due" slows back down and finds some eerier melodies mixed in. This song breaks down into some darker elements that appealed to me much more than the second song, even though the break down made things drone on a little

They cross over the line into more straight up death metal on "Upon This Intimate Madness" . It is however very well done death metal that engages me more than some of the album's previous moments. "Khimba Rites" is another more death metal tinged song. This one once again required a second listen for it to sink in where is where I have been at with this whole album. There are so sung vocals, they are a baritone chant, so wont really offend those of you who hate clean vocals and far from selling out. Things continue to darken for "Orgasmic Spiritual Ecstasy".  "Emphatic Illusion " once again finds the band heading down a middle of the road death metal direction, but this song emphasizes the fact this album stands great from a production stand point which is fairly consistent for the band. I'll give this one an 8, yet another solid album from these guys who continue to deliver, if you like the lines leaning more toward the death metal side of your blackened death metal and are a fan of bands like Behemoth then check this out.


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