Saturday, March 11, 2017

GJENDØD : "Nedstigning"

Pretty much run of the mill black metal with good ugly vocals until I noticed some time of whispery vocals layered underneath it that made me check my head phones. Anytime you can make me check my head phones to see if I am going crazy then you did something right. Even with out the mid fuck I like the second song better as it slows down and gets majestic. There is a slight depressive feel to things even when they launch off into more of a blast fest for "Hapet Falmer" it does slow down into  more of a Burzum pace, and then it strikes me that I own all the Burzum albums so that is why I am not blown away by this .

"Kvalt Av Fornuft" works off of a more blasty mc nasty formula. At this point in time I am looking for looking for black metal bands  to give me moments that do not own their entire identity to 90 Norwegian black metal. "Utrydd  kind of drifts out of the previous song in a buzz of blasting .It then follows a the kind of path into the woods you might typically expect from a project like this. The last song offers a little more variation, but little is the keyword as it is only a marginally shift in the blast beats. The vocals are gurgled in a pretty menacing fashion, but they don't beat the likes of Lifelover, so it is not enough to keep me engaged. /

I think giving this album a 7 is more than generous. If you really want something that takes you back to the days of early Burzum but with more in the way of synths then this si worth your time. If you are a die-hard fan of black metal I would be surprised if there is anything you have not heard done already on here aside from the whispered vocals which I am beginning to suspect was just anacidd flash back on my part.

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