Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cvlt Nation Sessions -The Cure's "Pornography"

While My family over at Cvlt Nation always picks albums I love when they choose to put these tributes albums out, they have made things extra difficult for themselves. Not only is the Cure one of my all time favorite bands, but "Pornography" is my favorite cure album ."Hanging Garden" should be heavy do to the darkness with the razor sharp guitar melody is slinging out you. Annex got the bat-cave reverb right. Their singer can't muster the same level of desperation Robert Smith had. This version just doesn't have the same punch.

 You can really hear the influence the Cure had on today's indie rock when you hear Lunch's cover of " A Short term Effect ". They get the job done better than most with this one, but once again the mood is more indifferent than tapping into the visceral outpouring of heart the original had. It's my first time hearing Flowers and Fire, so "Hanging Garden " is a pretty tall order.  They seem to have a natural murkiness to their sound.The vocals are a little weak and the more lo-fi wall of effects keeps things raw, but less focused tonally.  Curezum the metal Cure tribute act. They must have chosen the name as a joke, because they sound nothing like Burzum. What this project does to is got with the rasped metal vocals.   vocals , While I like their idea, I think it loses a little of the song in translation.

One of the best songs on the album is undoubtedly Kaspar Hauser's cover of " the Figure Head" which effectively captures the mood of the original without losing their own sense of identity. There is a very feel to this one. The vocals might be the best on the album thus far. This one is the first to really impress me. Then comes Aztec Death's version of "A Strange Day". The indifferent vocals once again drop the ball. The guitars are doing some pretty cool stuff, not really capturing the heart of the song. Ambersmoke throws "Cold" out the window and opts to make noise instead.

The title track is a tall order to tackle. They throw on some swirling noise to provide the smoke and mirrors of approaching this goth epic.I like the effects on the vocals. I think the kind of punk sneer to the vocals misses the point of the melody.  I think where many of  these bands go wrong is the detached coldness they approach these songs with. It was how Robert Smith really poured this overflowing emotion into what he did here that makes the album so powerful. Some people say they can't stand Robert smith because he is so whiny. These are tortured lamentations. These bands might have done better with "Three Imaginary Boys" I'll give this a 7.

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