Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Author & Punisher : " Pressure Mine"

We have been big supporters of Author & Punisher here for some time so glad to hear him back at it with the new ep before he transitions over to Relapse records. The first thing that stands out is the moody melodic vocals. The thump of the beats lurch ominously under it. There are a lot of layers and atmosphere to the first song. The second song also finds the machine offering more of a loving grace on the song "Pressure Lover". The vocals are pretty impressive as the float through varied levels of effects some more sinister than others. This song gets darker than it does aggressive, which I have no problem with as it offers a much different side to this project.

"Nazarene " is even darker it reminds me of "Year Zero" era Nine Inch Nails, though there is less of an emphasis on the beats and more on the maze of melodies and synths woven around the song. It is a few degrees heavier than the first two songs. There is a murky lethargy cast over the sluggish beat to " New World". The song reminds me of Gotye if filtered through a morphine drenched nightmare. While this one is almost like a torture ballad, it doesn't connect with me as strongly as the first few songs.  There is a much more interesting beat to "Black Wand". The vocals float up near the top of his register in almost a head voice. It also sounds like their is barely and effects on his voice. Knowing his work I am no surprised if there is some political under currents to the lyrics of this one, but the song still works for me.

This is a less punishing version of the Punisher side of this project. I think "New World" will grow on me so I will go ahead and round this one up to a 10. It's a pretty bold move on Shore's part considering how he typically plays with metal bands so has a fan base rooted in heavier music, but this moodier side is welcomed at least by me at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that these are good songs.


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