Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Morbid Flesh : "Rites of the Mangled"

Not matter the genre darkness is what I look for to make things heavy. I hear more Tampa in this Barcelona band's second album than Sweden. The end result is something dark and punishing. The vocals are a low , but powerful gurgle. The guitar solos fire out from the corners of the songs. While it is more rapid fire 'Burn the Entrails" doesn't stick to me as soundly as the opener. It becomes a wall of sound charging at me with not defined form to make it a song that I would return to. The slower turn it takes two minutes in is a wise choice.While it makes more sense than the previous song , " Banished to Oblivion" is still not as good as the opener , but is heading back in that direction.

"Heretics Hammer" finds them entrenched in the single minded aggression that characterizes death metal. The vocals are way forward in the mix. Everyone else has their foot to the gas as they accelerate this mean machine deeper into hell. The more melodic solo section really helps the song. There is a stormy drama to the intro of "Feeding Mallows" but it descends into the more typical death metal aggression. The double bass on this song cuts through the somewhat murky mix. The guitar solo section gets creepier for this one which elevates it above many of the other jack hammer riffs this album has offered. They lock into a more powerful chug and it shows that when they chose a more dynamic path it pays off for them.

"Incantation" sounds more like a darker vision of Cannibal Corpse than the band Incantation. This song kind of breezed past me on the first listen. On the second listen I noticed little flourishes of guitar. The accented growls that make the chorus do create more of a hook that your average death metal. There is more of a mainstream Cannibal Corpse like groove to "Evil Behind You" . This also makes the song stand out as one of the more thoughtful pieces on this album even when the brakes come off and it races away. This is a pretty solid death metal album even if it doesn't
  break any new ground I could just leave it one and let it play, so I will give it a 7.5.

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