Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cherry Glazerr : "Apocalipstick"

Here is a wacky indie rock band that works best off best clever, though they can build into a more punk infused punch on the opener "Told You I'd Be With the Guys".
The lyrics are just as smart as the arrangements especially on "Trash People". There is a little post-punk and 80's new wave on "Moon Dust" which has a Police like swagger in the jangle of the guitar. In their most aggressive they don't get much more worked up than older Sleater Kinney. "Moon Dust" is more effective to my ears as it goes in a moodier place. The pick the pace up into more of a garage punk on "Humble Pro". This one is more straight forward and while it works for this song I don't think a whole album of this would work for me.

The singer has a good voice that can pull of the more balladic "Nuclear Bomb". There is certainly and element that might remind you of some of the more radio friendly riot grrrrl rock from the late 90s. The synths are the main thing that set them apart from the Elasticas of Alt-nation. There is a creep to "Only Kid on the Block"  then they transition into a more playful tone on "Lucid Dreams" . The melodies have a lighter mood than the synth line dancing behind. It's a good balance of organic and electronic sounds.

The beginning of "Sip o Poison" reminds me of Rasputina, but the energy reminds you of their punk tendencies. Though we are never talking hardcore punk, just aggressive without being metal and have more of the snotty recklessness to it. That ebbs back to a more introspective jangle on "Nurse Ratched", this builds into a more intense dynamic, not sure heavy would be the right way to describe it unless you are talking about "She's so Heavy".  "Instagratifaction"  is a more straight forward rock song. There is an interesting middle section that is more melodic.  One of their strengths is they do not pay by the rules when it comes to songwriting and throw lots of curve balls. They would obviously be lots of fun live. There is a slower almost Sabbath lumber to the title track that closes the album. Overall this album is sonic and compelling indie rock that's familiar in some ways , but they are very much their own person so for that I am going to round this up to a 9.5 and see how it sticks to my ears.

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