Friday, December 23, 2016

the Agnes Circle : "Some Vague Desire"

These guys are from London so they should know what's up when it comes to this kind of music. The albums opens with a lush cavernous dark of tense dark wave that never grows into an actual song, so we can write it off as an awkward intro. The programmed drums keep them from making to many sudden changes so it is up to the guitar line to lay down the out line of the song. At the core of their dna they are following a blue print already laid down by the Cure's "Pornography " album. The problem is when they do not connect at the chorus they can blame non one but themselves for keeping them from greatness. "Monument" is comes closer to being dancey, with the guitar melody holding more of a hook to the up tempo under current. "Martial Love" is more solidly written and there is more to it's cool detachment to draw you in. This album sounds great and they have tapped into all the right sounds, but by the time you get to "Underneath the Ivy" you feel like it's a matter of them knowing where these sounds should or should not go. The vocals a crooned in a pleasant enough baritone that holds touches of Depeche Mode and while everything works well enough, I am waiting for the moment when they really rock me.

 "Law of Angels" starts off like one of the Cocteau Twins more upbeat moments then loses steam when the vocals come in.  The verse melodies are a little muddy. I think this could thump like a Cure song, just doesn't have the bass high enough in the mix and really dialed in. The chorus coolly sails in, but is not something that really demands your attention. When things finally build up it becomes a traffic jam arrangement wise. Nothing seems to be working towards developing a groove to move you out on the dance or bang your head, so what is the point? The reverse delay that opens "Under Reason" gives it a feel similar to the song "Meat is Murder". They kind of get it together a little more here. An 8 seems generous enough, I like their sound and the ideas propelling them I think they have plenty of potential and while they make a good first impression with me here I think they are capable of more if they look at their songs more meticulously.


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