Friday, December 9, 2016

Dark Blue : "Start of the World"

This is not our first rodeo with this band from Phillywho plays a dark version of indie rock that comes close enough to convince modern fans of post-punk that they are the real thing. The casual croon of the vocal is rather pleasing to my ears, it reminds me of a less rocking version of Billy Idol. "Be Gone Everyone" is more like the Crash Test Dummies playing sluggish punk rock. This is a little less compelling than the opening track but not half bad. Things move into a more Social Distortion direction tempo wise on " I Never Wanted to Hurt You" which has a more mainstream rock hook to it's chorus.

Then there is the piano ballad "Paralyzed By Fear" which proves that despite the pleasantry of  Sharkey's baritone he is pretty much a one trick pony. "You Know Who" rocks a little harder and the guitar expands it's sound into more sonic dimensions and gets props for pulling out an impressive solo. The thicker bass tone leading into "Bombs on the Beach" seeks to create more of a 50's sound and I think the best part of this is that it gives a slight wink to Morrissey. "Tired of the Poor" is another mid paced song, but the formula begins to get a little stale and it strikes me more as filler

There is a more slacker shuffle to the indie rock of "Western Front Academy". This is more in line with some of the alternative rock on the radio from the early 2000's when band's like the Killers and Interpol were having their hey day.I'll give this album an 8. It works more often than not and is an entertaining listen, not sure how many repeat listens I'll get personally, but fans of this more middle of the road approach will find the songs infectious I am sure. The vocals are improved though the overall feel is a little less urgent and they are more relaxed here.

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