Friday, December 23, 2016

Wil Cifer's Top Ten X-mas Songs

I prefer the more pagan leanings of this holiday, but when you have a 6 year old they want to hear x-mas music even when they are in their own words " Quarters Jewish". We tried the Taylor Swift x-mas album, but that was recorded when she was in the more innocent xtian side of her country roots so we had to put a stop to that after the second time she said Jesus. So here are some X-mas songs I approve of.

10- The Xmas Song - London After Midnight

Not their strongest song, but better than listening to Taylor Swift's Jesus years.

9- " Christmas Vacation"- Descendants

Lyrically this one is pretty spot on for me this year. I need to give this band more of a shot as I like them when I hear them going to go listen to "Milo Goes to College" while I finish this list.

8-"Merry X-mas( I don't Wanna Fight Tonight)" Ramones

Originally from "Brain Drain" a criminally under rated album, makes me wanna do a top 20 punk albums of all time to show it the props it deserves.

7-" Mistress For X-mas"- AC/DC

Thought about checking out the Halestorm cover, but since I am more fluent in the original it is obviously the way to go even though the 80s production leaves a little to be desired.

6-" If I was Your Vampire"- Marilyn Manson

Six a.m X-mas morning...

5- "Frosty the Snow Man"- the Cocteau Twins

This band is the sound of sparkling lights, if you have never dropped acid while riding around looking at x-mas lights with "Heaven or Las Vegas" playing you have not lived.

4-Black X-mas- Venom

Cronos really sounds good on this one. When the snow turns black , I'll be back...

3- X-mas With the Devil- Spinal Tap

The elves are dressed in leather and the angels are in chains...

2- "Red Water"- Type O Negative

This one is a close call between it and the number one slot who makes more sense for me if you know me.


1- "No Presents For X-Mas"- King Diamond

I bought this single before "Fatal Portrait" so it holds more sentimental value for me.

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