Saturday, December 17, 2016


It sounds like 2017 is going to be a good year for black metal if the debut album by this French band is any indication of what is to come. This band contains former members of Anorexia Nervosa so it is not their first time around the blackened block. There first song has the blend of dark atmosphere that I need from my black metal with some very depressive undertones. They do get a little blasty on the second song which steers them closer to the heap of your typical black metal bands , but mid way in the mood shifts and even some sung vocals croon up from the chaos. The misery is poured on thicker for the third song with the song after that maintaining the cold darkness that makes this album so lovely but taking it into a smoother groove as the drums are more like a mid paced rock beat.

The title track is another turn toward more conventional black metal with the atmosphere more of the after thought the song eventually finds it self in. At the five and a half minute mark this takes on almost a goth like woefulness. There is more melody in the brooding tribal pound leading into the song that follows, this song really soars into the night sky. A guitar solo even rockets out of the build like something you would hear on a Pink Floyd album. Female vocals lead off the last song which takes a more delicate start.These guys are able to work in plenty of atmosphere and elegance into their sound and still sound heavy, without numbing you out with long sprawling songs. This is an excellent album that has already earned multiple listens, it is depressive black metal with a goth veneer to it. so it has everything I listen for when it comes to this sort of thing. If Alcest is too happy and elf like for you then these guys are the goblins you are looking for. I'll easily give this album a 10. /

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