Thursday, December 24, 2015

We the Heathens: "Regicide"

For practical purposes this is a folk - punk album. The album gets off to a dark start with a sample creating a narration about bombs with strings slowly building underneath it. This trio is primarily comprised of guitar, mandolin and cello. They make the most of the dynamics at their disposal almost making you forget there are no vocals. On the second song when the rough croaking vocals come in and are doubled up with  crusty growls  to create a more confrontational sound. The vocals begin to  make me wonder if  they are going to have is keeping my attention for the duration of this album. The more upbeat "To Live in Hell" might even appeal to fans of Gogol Bordello. The lead vocals begin to sound like Popeye by the time we get to the fourth song.If Dashboard Confessional was really a squatter and alcoholic maybe that project would sound more like "Laundry Day".

This album is much more melodic  than most folk punk, though not as ambitious as say Cult of Youth. "33 Shots" sounds like a drinking song ,where "When it's Gone" has an almost Blink 182 pop punk satire to it. The lyrics pretty much make that song and prove they can sing when they want to. "Radio" hangs on this more pop punk sound. Which as silly as it is , these guys do really well. There is a darker folk sound on "Wolves II" . The harsher screamed vocals sound a little out of place here. The song is one of there more well written . There is an almost country feel to "Plastic Vanity" , but the darker "Cessation of the Sovereign" which almost tries to go in more of a metal direction , running at eight and a half minutes, most folk metal bands don't have anything to worry about here.

A curious creature, these guys are skilled at their instruments despite some of the clowning around. The fact the vocals got on my nerves at one point, means this will not make it to the ole iPod, but I will give this album a 7, as the musicianship is there and the song writing isn't too shabby either. If you like neo-folk and punk, well here is the Reeses cup for you.

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