Thursday, December 10, 2015

Under the Radar : "3Teeth"

Every now and then there is an album that totally slides under my radar in this case did not even come up as a blip in my consciousness until I saw they are opening for Tool. They play a very stark brand of industrial metal that is modern while giving the appropriate nods to to the hey day of this genre for which they owe their existence . It opens holding a groove instead of pummelling you. They know how to manipulate sounds to their advantage and the album has a great gritty tone that has machine like rust coating it as samples fade in and out like a radio being controlled by a close encounter of the fourth kind.The vocals are somewhere in between Ogre and Sasha of Kmfdm. By the third song its clear that Youth Code do not have a monopoly of busting out some legit industrial."Dust" cruises along a more electronic undercurrent and feels like a heavier My life With the Thrill Kill Kult , which is suppose would be the Electric Hell Fire Club, so a very Cleopatra Records like take on industrial.There is a chilling ambient section that gives the song more dynamics that your run of the mill industrial band.

 The first nod to Nine Inch Nails doesn't come until the beat to "Master of Decay" though it's dirtier and the vocals much darker almost gothy."Unveiled" finds a weirder tone mixed with a more melodic one that sounds like old Depeche Mode on a dysphoric dmt trip. A sample lead off the more aggressive turn on "Dissolve" and things don't let up from there and even grow more metallic with the monster to "Eradicate" . The robotic chant of "get the fuck out" leads the way in the often noise ridden "X-day" which packs a dynamic punch. A more ebm feel starts off "Final Product" before if gets roughed up. The guitar holds off only chugging in with quick accents.They dig deeper and darker into the grime of this cyber wasteland on "Antiflux". After the samples leading into "Chasm" the beat carries a more exotic cadence with the vocal chant taking on a more Ogre like rasp.I'll round this one up to a 10 as they take the sounds I loved from this genre in the 90s and make them their own

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