Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sanzu : " Heavy Over the Home"

The Australian band retains the a vast sound they possessed on the e.p. preceding this album, which  was firmly rooted in "Domination" era Morbid Angel, and while that element is still present on this album right from the opener it's evident that their horizons have broaden some. There is more of snarl to the rasp than David Vincent uses , though production wise a similar flange effect is slathered over them to give it that "Where the Slime Live" feel. The use a similar chug on the second song with the vocals creating the variance which has a more off time Meshuggah thing going before the vocals drop down into a lower yet more articulate growl. Blast beats jump out for a bar or two as they bulldoze over generally mid-paced riffage.Their sound is dense to the point of growing murky. Pitch harmonics squeal out the machine like distortion.

The ranting cadence to the more screamed vocal on "Ubiety" gives the song more of a Strapping Young Lad feel. The song that follows this one feels like just an extension of this with a slight rhythmic variance in the guitars attack. Things change tempo wise for " Those Who Sleep In the East" as the attack slows in a more intentional pound. The title track opens with the rumble of distorted bass. This song really doesn't do anything to show you a different side of the band even with the more experimental elements present. "the Chill" is driven by impressive double bass, but lets face it if you are a death metal band who doesn't have impressive double bass what is the point? This is one of the album's heavier and more conventionally death metal songs, holding a very dense groove. There is a more melodic intro to "Loss". The verse riff is very Morbid Angel.  The outro "Colorblind' is an instrumental that add a

How important is originality to you in music, is the first question you should ask you self before diving in . The second question is how much do you miss late 90s death metal, if the answer is a lot then ignore the first question. Its well executed, so I will give it a 6.5, I also like Morbid Angel so familiar sounds are pleasing to our ears. Nothing mind blowing but the have potential once they find themselves.  

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