Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chant : " Brave New Apocalypse"

Found this while making my end of the year industrial album, so felt I should give this a good solid listen before proceeding because these guys kicked a lot of ass when I saw them KMFDM. The first has a more Pretty Hate Machine thing going on with some of the sound and song structure. The vocals are rather dry, he sings with a throatier tone than Reznor and his voice is a little lower as well. It's not total 90s throw back as there are some more modern sounds mixed in. On "Manifesto" They move into a more "Broken" era sound as the tempo. The guitar is not as forward in the mix beats tend to be right next to the vocals with not a tone of bottom in adding weight to their punch.Things slow down on "Repeat Repeat" into a more darkwave sound with more actual singing going into the vocals. The darker more brooding vibe continues on. the more tribal drumming I remember from seeing them live surfaces on "Universal". On the verse the melody line seems awkward , but it improves on the chorus.He claims he is not preaching , but observing on this song however the lyrics made me feel he was. His vocals are more dynamic on this one.

 A more rocking and catchy groove is captured on "Adoration". There is more KMFDM meets Duran Duran feel to "Dead Muse". The vocally are a little catchier on this one." Bring Me the Head of the Music Critic" drones on like something from the Down ward spiral" the vocals wait well half way through the song before coming in, I like how the beat shifts under it and the synths hold things down.There is a more "Head Like A Hole" feel to it , though never really bows down before the one it serves. The vocals take a more rock tone on "Create to Destroy". It could pack a little more punch but it mainly seems to be an issue with the very mid-ranged dry mix.

His voice reminds me of Alice Cooper on the power ballad that closes the album out. This is actually one of the album's best songs. This might not pack the sonic weight it carried live , but are pretty solid songs. The only real issue are in production that effect the over all sound , but the songs are strong, vocally the mix would really provide more variance if it was so allowed, they are a little too dry and i reminds me of God Lives Underwater.I'll round it up to a 7.5, if you are a fiend for early Nine Inch Nails then this is your jam.

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