Saturday, December 19, 2015

Grimoire : " L'aorasie des spectres rêveurs"

This a good week around here for Canadian metal after focusing on Voivod earlier this week. Now here is something less thrash and very much black metal/. This album carries a  fair amount of ambiance  poured  over  it's  blast beats. In this way they reminding me of Summoning.  Remarkably this  is a one man affair. He does a pretty job, the clean vocals have a powerful bellow to them.It is interesting to hear vast atmospheric black metal that is still concise enough to not take up ten minutes for each song. They continue to reach for vast swathes of sound on "les rumeurs des astres". They use the keys are used very well. It sounds like these could be real drums. One thing that sets this aside from a lot of atmospheric black metal is the emphasis on the atmosphere is properly balanced so it is not so intangible that there is nothing for the emotions being conveyed to latch onto.

The growls go into a much deeper and deathly roar on "Cachot de cristal"  He captures a similar sonic feel as the Great Old Ones dig into. There is perhaps a more cavernous echo into the cascadian abyss this ship sails into .Melody is never forsaken, even it the storm of the most blasty of nastiness. The melody switches from being synth based to guitars. Thought the guitars commonly hold down the static drone of tremolo picking. This is not uncharted water, but original enough to feel like all the elements combined here are creating something darkly beautiful. Sometimes they need to be reminded that this is metal and it's ok to have the drums beating more in the forefront of the mix.  It could be the drums are not real and that is why they are being buried.  This is easy to overlook as such a mesmerizing yet powerful sound it established here.

This is really more of an ep than a full length album as the closing song is a synth pad droning soothing outro, but at the end of the day this is time that could have been devoted to another song as there is only nineteen minutes of actual metal being bashed out here. What is give to you is impressive, but I feel more is warranted . It's much easier to get four songs right that it is to write eight good ones. With such a reduced margin for error, it's hard to fairly score this and while I enjoy what it being done here I don't feel like I as objective of a judge with out being giving more to appraise. I'll have to round this down to a 9 even though it's obviously quality over quantity. Fans of mournfully epic black metal in the vein of Summoning and Moonsorrow will find plenty to sink their swords into here. I look forward to hearing a proper full length from this guy and hearing him write an entire album of this.

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