Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hot Graves : "Magnificent Death"

Catching up with 2015" finds us exploring various back alley for thrash and while this band from Florida might have many labels for themselves there is no debate to the fact that " Perdition Noose" is straight up thrash you can call it d-beat or what ever you want , but thrash with a strong dose of punk undertones. "Rip Shit" doesn't stray much from the established formula except for the rousing cry of the title for a chorus. They do have a mean chug before the guitar solo, but metal is not taken to the next level. It's not until "Night Hag" that I feel they really get heavy, by slowing down into a more powerful grind. All but one of the songs is under the four minute mark, so they get down to business from the onset in a manner that has the urgency of punk. Some of the song are a little too straight forward for me even with the catchy riffs they have a knack for throwing at you. It happens at such a brisk paces they lose their effectiveness.

Some of the stupidest lyric you might manage to make out on this album would be to the song "Jewel Teeth" .  The song speeds along at such a rate they pretty much blow by you unless you come back for seconds. "Blood Ov the Unpure" is another rapid riff fueled rocket ride. It slows for a few heavily accented punches that loose some of the dramatic effect when this part is extended. They declare that the mother fucking wizard is going on "Dead Wizard Mountain" . While "Roach Pussy Crucifix" might be a great song title, it is one that the music which follows can never live up too. There needs to be something a little more gnarly than just retread thrash. By the time we get to "Death Promises" some of the songs are becoming repetitive.

The album ends with the only song that breaks the four minute mark and does so by a minute and ten seconds. There is nothing at the onset of this song to set it apart from the others, they begin to develop the same beat. Two minutes in it breaks this habit by slowing down to a deliberate crashing stomp. I'll round this one up to 6 , because they play this with a lot of conviction, even if it is not the most original thing you will hear this week.

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