Saturday, September 26, 2015

Whiskey Ritual : " Blow With the Devil"

There is still more black in this black n roll than these guys might want to admit. Some of this is the earlier first wave of black metal as plenty of Venom and Hellhammer  can be felt in riotous power chord they conjure up. It's hard to argue with a song about doing coke with the devil. But after the first song I find myself asking if they blew their wad on that one and what else can they do.  The answer is something slightly more punk rock, mostly due to the drumming . Which influences the vocal pattern. They hit a few more sonic chord progressions, eventually I find myself preferring bursts of the more punk styled guitars, over the mad ranting the vocals take on when they begin to cross over.

"Too Drunk For Love" has a slight G.G Allin feel it , but is one of the more well constructed songs . The guitars dropping out to allow the bass to take over the wheel gives it a little more groove. The vocals are a balanced of growling and punk mania. The have a gnarly blast-fest going into "Satanic Kommando". It's not until the drums drop down into more of a tom roll that things finds their bearings. There is something in the lyrics about a black metal legion, but aside from the chant of the song title most of the lyrics are incomprehensible. To be about amphetamines  they slow down for "Speed & Chicks" which given the subject matter, makes perfect sense that there would be more of a Motorhead like stomp to this one. They continue to romance you with "A.B.I.T.C.H" .  This and other moments where they step away from the corpse paint are more black punk, than rock n roll.  There is some ranting about a flea infested dog, and gang vocals joining in, but it reminds me of Gwar's first album more than Darkthrone. The song that follows is similar tempo, perhaps a tad more gallop, until they find a solid chug to lock onto.

"Nekro Street Dog" is very Motorhead. The lyrics are pretty discernible.  The solos are the most rock n roll thing so far on this album. "Henry Rollins" sounds more like Black Flag than any of his solo. It chugs along and has a pretty driving chorus, for people who wish Motorhead was more punk. They close out the album with "Tank of Intolerance" and you will not be surprised they did not end the album with an epic power ballad, but on a more black metal note. This band would do really well in a city like Atlanta where all the metal bands used to be punk. This album is fun, if I still it would be more worthwhile as this sounds like something to get shit faced too, party black metal. I'll give it a 7.5 .

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