Sunday, September 13, 2015

Christian Death : "the Root of All Evilution"

I know Valor is a divisive name when it comes to this band, but lets face if even if we wanted to side with Rozz Williams , he is dead and truth be told valor's worse is still better than the noise that was Pre-mature Ejaculation. Maitri is still on board as is drummer Jason, who I am assuming was the same drummer I same them on tour with a few years ago. It has a bigger a more dramatic sound, they have grown out of death rock and this is closer to Siouxsie. Their are exotic instruments building the aural landscape behind them. Valor is using a weird more whispered than sung voice , that makes him sounds a little more like Rozz than his gothier baritone. On " the Cross" he asks if you are ready for the rapture. So the religious imagery hasn't gone anywhere. If you want me to compare this album to " Only Theater of Pain" its not happening. There are plenty of spooky sounds abounding, its a much different feel to the halloweenish punk rock of the dirty drug days and Halloween for the sake of Halloween. Maitri's voice sounds better than I recall it ever sounding. Three songs in and I would say she is surpassing Valor in this regard.

 I did begin wondering where is Rikk Agew in all this, though he brought much of the punk influence so I am not sure where he would fit in all this if he was present. The first hint of Valor croons surfaces on "Fema Coffins" . While I like the lush layers of synth, there is a lot of this I am unsure how they would pull off as a three piece. "Illuminazi" is the closest they get to punk so far, but the strength it plays off it not a loud and fast attitude filled attack, but the layering the vocals. They have more in common with Black Sabbath than the Cure on "We Have Become". A slightly more romantic take on doom mixed with Siouxsie is the best way to describe when Maitri takes the mic on "Forgiven". Then they get heavier for "Penitence Forevermore". Valor takes over the mic here and is singing more than he is talking his way through this one. The pace picks up for "Deliver Us". Not the album's best song, there are some blues tinged layers of harmonica running through this one which is an odd choice but it works. To close the album they drop back down and Maitri takes over the mic for what would be the most radio friendly song if they went for radio play.

This album was way better than I thought it would be. Since I miss the days when I could not only listen to a Christian Death album , but enjoy it I'll give this one a 9 and see how it sits with me, it's no "Sex Drugs and Jesus Christ" but that was then this is now, some of you Valor haters should give this a chance. It's more of a metal album than death rock , but I'm ok with that too it's not Panterrible.


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