Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Mescaline Babies : " Primer " & "Crush"

This is the first of the two album this UK based band released in may, While death rock could apply to this band , they were that label like a loose garment and manage to pack a lot of punch in  fact the title track has more moments that are almost metal and even "Gears" that follows has more drive than Christian Death . The chorus has an almost punk chant to it. "Vulture Eye" is like marrying Alien Sex Fiend to some kind of sonic punk band. Rip further into punk on "Crowbar" the vocal begin to find themselves going into  more  of a hard core scream. Those more hard core moments still flare up on registered trademark .

They back down into a more cerebral gothic like elegance with "That Was the Right Way". He begins to sing in a more rock n roll lower register that is not as Rozz Williams like and by the time we get to "Letters in the Dust" we are at almost a 90s fringe grunge weirdness. "If you look into my eyes and shut the fuck up for a while " are the first lyrics that really grab me. They end with the more metallic swell of "Neverland" that makes me think a little of I Mother Earths first solo album.As its is more metal than any death rock this side of Atriarch. I do really like the melody that surfaces three minutes into this one. I'll give this first one a 9 and see how it sits with me if I can find this in some other format than Bandcamp.

From the first song on "Crush" the bass is more present and it has a more death rock sound. The Bauhaus influence is also more prominent here. The rock influence comes sooner on this one as some of vocals on "Ultra Marine Blue" are smoother than the normally Halloween punk sneer. The quirk of Peter Murphy's take on punk haunts "Ashtray Head"."Jacobin Fever" leans more in the punk of post-punk, though the vocals keep the wavering manic tone. The get back to the darker place I like best from these guys on "Heart Full of Wine". The creep back into creepy punk on "Skeleton Kids" and then take that one step further into pogoing in the pit on "Bitch Please". 

An acoustic guitar shows up for the strummed "the Eternal Season". It builds into rock octave chords that remind me of one of System of A Downs power ballads. The hardcore tinged punk of "Cold Earth' gets a little monotonous . There is more ghoul colored clouds to provide ambiance in "Withered Woods" to take some of the heavy handed punk edge off of it. Then they close this album with more melodic "Gehenna", the vocals are well placed and have enough hook to their melody. I will give this one a nine as well.          

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