Monday, September 7, 2015

Grave Pleasures : " Dreamcrash" Album Review & "New Hip Moon" Video

It is time for me to put an end to my denial, Grave Pleasures is not Beast Milk just changing their name. They have broken up and this is the new band. Kvohst is in the band  and so is the bassist from Beast Milk. The new members are the former drummer of In Solitude  and the guitarists from the Oath and Oranssi Pazuzu. Despite the more metal pedigree, they do not have the heft in their drive Beast Milk had. They hit the "Edge of Seventeen" like beat that In Solitude used on the song "Crying Wolves." Kvohst takes on a higher wavering death rock tone to his voice on the opening song.But at this albums dark heart this is more of a goth band than a metal band. Calling them death rock would be a stretch as they are far too polished and it lacks the raw smacked out punk feel. Not all punk is abandoned they touch upon it on "Future Shock " that also collides into a metal pound as well.

The guitar work is often more delicate and the riffs float around the the drums , thus allowing the vocals to explore less obvious placed to place the melodies. This at times gives the songs a more indie rock feel, which is the audience I think some of these songs will appeal to more than a metal crowd. As a result these songs are going to take multiple listens to sink in as they don't grab you by the throat like "Climax" did. They are more intricate in construction, which can make them more delicate. They return to a more punk pace on "Taste the Void" recalling old Beast Milk, complete with hooky Misfits like chorus.

"Lipstick on Your Tombstone" is the compromise between what they were and where they going. The vocals don't have the punch on the chorus, though lyrically the remain pretty clever. They are able to have some moments away from what you think of as the Beast Milk sound, the Cure like bass line to the chorus of "Girl in a Vortex" makes its all come together more like something the Smiths might have done if they had been more aligned with the 80s goth scene. They take a dip into a bluesy rock on "Crooked Vein" which carries enough emotion in the reflection on drug use to make it work. The bass picks up the pace to close the album with "Survival" that has an apocalyptic brooding to it. I'll need  time to get use to the changes, I'll give this a 9.5 for now and I am sure by the end of the year as it grows on me it will become a 10 by the time I make my end of the year lists.

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