Sunday, September 27, 2015

Corrections House : "Know How to Carry a Whip"

While it was an enjoyable listen , I was not blown away by their first album, however Their second album gets off to a much more industrial start. I of course  upon  my initial listen like this more than the first album since its darker. Even the samples that begin bubbling up from behind the jagged guitar sound like they could have been on a 90s Neurosis album."Super Glued Tooth" keeps the industrial pound and grim guitar , this time spoken word vocals about some kind of bleak Gummo like white trash life runs underneath it with sung vocals where a chorus might be.  The spoken vocals become more punk like in their exclamation. This builds up momentum as the beat quickens. "White Man's Gonna Lose" finds the beat much dancier than some thing you would expect attached to one of the members of Eyehategod. If you ever wanted to know what it might sound like for Neurosis to collide with Ministry then " Hopeless Moronic" is your answer and it's an answer I'm a fan of .

There is more of a Death In June thing going on for " Visions Divide". The sax that comes in at the end is fore shadowing of some of the narcotic murkiness to come. Things go back to a heavier more apocalyptic tone for "The Hall of Cost" where the vocals sound  like a preacher is losing his mind . There is a ebm mixed vibe to the dark sax drenched "When Push Comes to the Shank". It's very "Dark Side of the Spoon " era Ministry. This song makes it clear the first album could have used more of Bruce Lamont's Morrison like vocals . Hopefully goth kids will catch wind of this album or they are going to be missing out. At the five minute mark its clear they are just jamming this one out for the sake of drone, though there is a pretty cool build before the seven minute mark.

Then someones drugs kick in. "I Was Never Good at Meth" , is an incredible title, but the reality of the song is some spoken word ranting and simmering noise. The album closes with "Burn the Witness" . It takes the first two minutes of this seven minute song to get things brewing, then it seethes as very dark Neurosis murmur. The beat comes in an its basically more industrial Neurosis, which is not a bad thing. I'll round this up to a 9, and see how it grows on me. A vast improvement from the first album and I want to hear them dig further into the darkness on the next one. This comes out October 23rd.

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